Balance E-Book


The "balance" ebook has been created to accompany you daily in your management of emotions.

We are crossed daily by many emotions and it is often difficult to manage ... We all experience moments of intense sadness, repeated anger or total joy but it is so difficult to have a balance between all these emotions, that it can sometimes disturb our daily life.


Whether at the level of friends, family, work or in your couple, you would be relieved to control better these emotions and you would like to find a balance both physical and emotional?

You are in the right place !!

Through this e-book, we will give you the keys to live more serenely every day of your life, manage your emotions and get back energy thanks to an adapted nutritional plan.


Simple exercises to balance your emotions and your diet

Advice in emotion management

Healthy recipes to support your nervous system and your health

A nutritional plan type to adapt according to your desires, your rhythm and your sensations

A shopping list to help you organize

In depth nutritional knowledge to understand how to re-harmonize your diet and emotions

Rituals of selflove and bath therapy

You will find in this ebook 

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