Bonjour à tous et bienvenue !

Félicitations ! si vous êtes sur ce site et que vous le lisez, vous avez déjà fait un premier pas vers une vie plus saine. Il est si important de prendre soin de votre corps, celui qui vous porte chaque jour et qui vous permet de rayonner la belle personne que vous êtes !

Avec ce site, je vous propose de vous accompagner vers une vie plus saine, plus joyeuse et en harmonie avec la nature.

On travaillera ensemble sur les piliers essentiels de la santé : la nutrition, l'activité physique, la bonne gestion du stress, l’équilibre de l'état psychique et émotionnel…

Lorsque le corps, l'âme et l'esprit seront à nouveau en harmonie, vous retrouverez santé et joie !

En tant que naturopathe diplômée, je partage conseils, astuces et articles pour vous permettre de mieux comprendre comment fonctionne votre corps. Ainsi vous pourrez mieux répondre à ses besoins et favoriser son bon fonctionnement pour votre bonheur et celui de tous ceux qui vous entourent.

C'est une joie pour moi de pouvoir partager avec vous toutes les connaissances que l'on m'a transmises au fil de mes formations.

Au plaisir de pouvoir vous aider et vous accompagner sur ce beau chemin !

Bien chaleureusement et avec tout mon amour !


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Naturopathie et phytothérapie

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“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”

Nelson Mandela

Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist

Passionate about plants, natural remedies, care, and health. Natural medicine has always attracted me since a little kid. Accompanying myself with all the riches that nature gives us by co-operating with the great laws that govern life is a concept that fascinates me! That’s why I chose the profession of naturopath and nutritional therapist !


I had the good fortune to grow up in the forest of Orleans with a strong connection with nature. From childhood, my mother used only plants, especially those grown in the home garden, to support our health. 


The desire to help others, came after experiencing a personal hormonal health problem. Through this period, I was fully aware of how central the physical and psycho-emotional health state was. Without this, it is impossible to radiate the beautiful person present in each of us!


Born in a society, increasingly cut off from nature, it is giving us a life less and less healthy and so incompatible with the state of happiness, I wish to give professional meaning to my life and to participate in the building of a better world …


It is for all these reasons that I want, through this site, to mobilize my skills to help you walk on this beautiful path back to health!

  • Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist certified by Euronature, FENA accredited school  (French federation of naturopathy)

  • Samma Karuna (Yoga, awakening & healing school)

  • Boonthumme Pichest school (Thaï massage), by one of the most ancient Thaï masseur


Why Naturopathy?


Do you have stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, weight problems, skin issues ...

Would you like to regain your vitality and your energy in a natural way from these ailments ?

Certified Naturopath, I propose to accompany you in YOUR step by helping you to implement lasting changes.

Naturopathy proves to be a precious ally in order to find your peace, reveal your inner strength, and radiate health.


My approach is to optimize your health taking into account your physical dimension but also psychological, emotional and spiritual, all too often forgotten.


To reconnect with oneself and to listen to one’s body is essential for me to be healthy, so it is with pleasure that I will accompany you on this beautiful path!

Naturopathy can help with


70% of the population suffer from digestion problems (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, Crohn disease ...)


Chronic fatigue is something you can get rid of quite easily with the right method. It usually comes from hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep, stress ...


Most of our bodies are struggling to get rid of our toxins and external toxics. Everybody should detox their body at least once a year!

Women's Health

Hormones are controlling  a lot of functions in our body and it is essential for them to be balanced. Hormonal imbalance can cause acne, PMS, thyroid issues, mood swings, fatigue ... 

Weight Loss

Few kilos to lose?  We will find the deep cause of your weight gain and give you solutions to go back to your dreamed weight


Stress is the deep cause of lot of diseases and it can deteriorate your health, it's why naturopathy gives lot of tools & exercises to manage the stress.


“A brilliant naturopath that caters for each and individual person differently to benefit their health needs.”

— Tess Dean